Adding Detail To Your Facebook Page

2 May 2020

Easy steps to add important details to your Facebook Business Page

Once you've created the framework of your page, you'll want to add contact information and other details that will help customers reach you.

On the left of the page, you’ll see a column with several items including Home, Services, Reviews, Shop, Offers, Photos, Videos, Posts, Events, About and Community. Your next step is to click “About.”

This is where you can fill in any as-yet uncompleted details about your business and your contact information. This includes your telephone number, email and website address.

There was an “Our Story” article option that was eliminated by Facebook.

It was situated to the right of the other details. The “Our Story” article included space for an image and plenty of text to describe your history, your business goals and other information.

When it was in use, it enabled page managers to add more images to the body of the article and other elements including a link to your website.

You are required to have a certain number of likes on your page before you can use the next function.

When available, below the name of the page on the upper left-hand side you’ll see “Create Page @username.”

Though not used frequently, this is where you can give your page a nickname that’s easy to remember. Instead of searching your entire business name, you can prompt people to visit your page by searching this nickname on Facebook.

The username must be original, and it can only contain letters and numbers and periods. It may take some thinking to find a username that hasn’t already been taken. For my handyman business example, I chose “@handyfixes.”

Make It Easy For Customers To Contact You

Next, you want to make it easy for potential customers to contact you.

Beneath your Cover Photo, you’ll see a blue bar that reads “Add a Button.”

Click this bar so you can insert one of several contact methods available for this space: The text in this blue bar can prompt customers to Book with you (using the Booking scheduling feature); to contact you; to learn more about your business; to Shop or to download your app or play your game.

The Contact selection includes several choices of wording: Contact Us, Send Message, Call Now, Sign Up, Send Email and WhatsApp.

If you choose Call Now, potential customers will be able to click the button and contact you by telephone.

You can select email or any other option – but you can choose only one. This can be changed later, too, in case you start getting flooded with customer calls and want to switch it to email so you can get back to clients later.

Once complete, you have the essential structure of your Facebook Page.