Attract Customers With Your Facebook Page

31 May 2020

Provide some value to people who agreed to hit the "like" button and follow your page.

Once you’ve created your small business Facebook Page there are two primary things you want to get done as soon as possible: get likes and post content.

We’ll focus on getting likes in this article. You need people to like your page and you need to start putting something on the page so there’s a reason for people to like your page.

If you established your personal Facebook profile months or years ago, you’ll have friends or relatives who are already connected with you personally on Facebook.

These are the individuals who will help you start getting views of your small business Facebook Page.

After you publish your page, you’ll see Facebook encouraging you to invite your friends to like your page with a prompt like "Pages with 10 or more likes get more engagement.”

Facebook may even list your Facebook friends as suggestions for who to invite. As a note of caution, don’t bother inviting those friends or relatives who are likely to post sensitive material or who often post about politics and other topics others may consider offensive.

You don’t want to give folks reasons to “unfollow” your small business page, because your goal here is to get more people to like your page.

At the bottom of the list of a few friends you’ll see a box that reads “See All Friends.” Click that one and you’ll get a whole list of those you can invite to like your page.

If you are confident with your entire friends list, simply click “Select All” and then, on the bottom of the list, click the blue box that reads “Send Invites.”

Be sure to click the button that allows you to send the invites via Messenger – Facebook’s App that people use to video chat and text back and forth.

Get used to using Messenger, this will be a primary source of communication between you and potential customers to reach out for information from your Facebook Page.

Once you send your invites, it won’t be long before you start getting notifications about new likes to your page.

Eventually, you’ll have the opportunity to ask your friends to share your page with their friends and you can watch your numbers blossom. Later, you’ll be able to pay for an inexpensive Facebook Ad to share your page to others who may add their name to the list of likes as well.