Posting Meaningful Content To Your Small Business Facebook Page

20 May 2020

Useful social media content can get people to return to your page

It’s important to have something for people to see when they visit your Facebook Page.

What you say and how you say it, what you share and what people see all play an important role in the effectiveness of your Facebook Page.

Some potential followers may visit your page first to decide if they want to get updates from your small business. Then they won’t visit your page at all.

Instead, posts you publish will be shown in their news feed when they visit Facebook. You’ve already filled the “About” section with details about your business, but that information won’t find its way into the News Feed of your friends and followers.

Now it’s your turn to create material that people will see when they open up Facebook. It is going to be difficult, but you have to resist the urge to start posting all sales material on your page. It is a business page but it is “Social Media,” too, so you have to blend the priorities here – you want people to see you and your business as the parts of the community you are.

Early on it is completely fine to publish posts that tell more about you and what you do – but constantly sharing posts about what you’re selling and how much it costs can lead to people unliking your page and limiting the reach of your posts.

Let’s make this an easy example. Say you’re a handyman and you just purchased a new nut driver – an ideal tool for assembling a new product.

Take a picture of your new tool and have that handy on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or other device. Then, type up a description of the new tool and explain why you’re happy about it.

You can even write down that you believe you got a great deal on the tool – and you can share the Facebook Page of the place you bought it right in your post. Why? Because that would be a little bit of free promotion for that hardware store, and if the hardware store social media people are paying attention, they may very well respond to you or start following your page because there’s a likelihood of cross communication and sharing.

Likes, shares of your posts and other interaction is important – it will teach Facebook’s computer systems that your page should be shared with other people, thereby broadening your reach when you post.

Using this handyman example, here’s what I came up with for a post: “Just finished putting a new baker’s rack together for a customer and this handy nut driver cut the amount of time this job usually takes.

A great deal from @walmart for sure!” You can type your text right into the “Create Post” box.

Now, you want to add the picture of that tool. Click the photo/video button beneath the post box and your device will open up files for you to choose your image.

Or, if you’re using your laptop or desktop computer, open up your image folder and simply drag the image to the post box and you’ll see you can just drop it in.

Now, simply click the blue box on the bottom right that reads “Post” and you’ve published your first post to your small business Facebook Page.