Calendars To Crank Up Your Social Media

25 Jan 2021

Useful sources for holidays and observances that you can share on your social media channels.​

Major holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Day are easy to remember when drafting a social media calendar.

But depending on the industry you’re focused on; you may need to rely on less traditional observances to keep your social media channel active.

The number of holidays and observances continues to grow as more career fields are recognized each year.

Businesses use social media to update their customers on products and services and to find new customers who might need them.

Social media can also be used by a business to educate people about the importance of the work they do – and the valuable role their field of work plays in society.

Sometimes it’s important to post simply for the sake of keeping the name of your business fresh in the minds of those in your community.

In these cases, calendars of observances and holidays make for a helpful source of material to review as you develop content for social media.

Depending on the industry you are focused on, you might find a holiday recognizing your work in one of several calendars available online.

Here are some useful sources for holidays and observances that you can share on your social media channels.

NATIONAL DAY CALENDAR - This website describes itself as “the authoritative source for fun, unusual and unique National Days.” The website says it lists almost 1,500 National Days or weeks or months that you might find useful to highlight.

WHAT NATIONAL DAY IS IT - The What National Day Is It Today website lists numerous special days and, when you arrive on the page, it points out the current day’s celebrations.

NATIONAL TODAY - New career choices and job functions help spark new holidays and observances, such as Community Manager Appreciation Day you’ll find for January 25 on the National Today website. Holidays are varied and some may not be useful for your particular business. Others are universal, such as National Croissant Day or National Hot Chocolate Day, both of which can be used to capture attention on any Social Media channel.

As you plan ahead, mark some of the days and weeks in your yearly calendar so you’ll have them handy when it comes time to post.