Catch Attention With Thumb-Stopping Videos

2 July 2020

Images are necessity with Social Media posts, but videos get more attention and reach more people.

This means that videos will be an important element of the content you share on your Facebook Business Page.

It seems the key to catching people’s attention is movement – so you don’t need to create a major cinematic production just to post a video.

Once you know what you want to say, you can frame the video around your ideas. Start with a few keywords or a topic that is pertinent to your business.

I’ll use my Ed’s Handyman Service as an example and announce Product Assembly as my summertime special offering.

Find images you used on your Facebook Page or go to those images on the page and download them so they’ll be handy. Now, go to your video making program and put it together.

If you don’t have a video making program, consider Vimeo. Here is a link:

This application walks you through the process of making videos for specific social media platforms so it’s a great tool for people just getting involved in creating their social media content.

Once you’ve created your video, establish a specific file on your computer or device that you will use for your videos and other social media content.

Now, open up your Facebook Page post box by clicking on the Create Post box and go about the steps just like if you were posting a photograph.

Click the Photo/Video tab and follow the prompts to select your new video to add to the page. Type up a sentence that sums up your video, put that text in the post box, and click Post.

Videos are effective tools to capture attention and, hopefully, more customers. There are a variety of tools available by subscription.

Many, like Vimeo, allow you to create videos for free, with the only price being that they will place their logo onto your video.

If you’re on a tight marketing budget, it really doesn’t matter if the video maker’s logo is on it.

Share your new video on social media and both you and the video maker will get some exposure, so it’s a great trade-off.