Easy Settings For Your Facebook Page

4 May 2020

Prohibit foul language and unwanted words from your page.

Once you've finished adding detail to your Facebook Page, click the “Settings” selection in the white bar on top, next to Help.

Here is where you will make important changes to ensure that your page is visible to the right people and your posts aren't delivered to people who won't be calling you for business - like folks in another country.

The first selection you’ll see is “Page Visibility.” Click here and, if you wish, you can unpublish the page until you’ve finished with it. Here is a brief review of the remaining settings for your small business Facebook Page:

VISITOR POSTS: When people visit your page, they can make a comment or perhaps review your work. You can choose to review posts from visitors before they appear, or you can disallow posts from others altogether. If you disallow posts from others, remember that this will restrict the information others can post to your page and if you're asking for comments or photos, they won't be able to add them.

NEWS FEED AUDIENCE AND VISIBILITY FOR POSTS: This setting gives you the ability to restrict the delivery of your posts. If you're serving homeowners, for example, there's no sense in your page posts being served up to youngsters, so you can change the audience.

POST SHARING TO STORIES: This setting will display your posts to the top of the news feed of people who have liked your page. The Stories section of a Facebook Page is the most visible because they're situated on the top of Facebook news feeds. Leave this selection “on.”

MESSAGES: This setting gives visitors the opportunity to send a message to your page – it’s another means of contacting you, so leave it on “People can contact my page privately.”

TAGGING ABILITY: This is set by default so that only people who help manage your page, or just you, can tag photos in it. Leave this setting as it is.

OTHERS TAGGING THIS PAGE: There is an additional selection that ties your account to an Instagram Business Page – you won’t need to do any more here but you can return in the future if you create that Instagram Page.

PAGE LOCATION FOR EFFECTS: is not a necessary element for your Facebook Page early on, so you change this so that it reads “Other people can’t use your page’s location for photo and video frames and effects.”

COUNTRY RESTRICTIONS: Here is where you can be sure that only people in the United States (or whatever country you’re working on) can see your Facebook Page.

AGE RESTRICTIONS: This setting allows you to change your page’s audience so that youngsters won’t see it. There’s no sense is showing it to kids if you’re serving homeowners so you can choose to present your page to people aged 21 and older.

PAGE MODERATION: This control gives you the ability to lock out some words and phrases that you do not want to appear on your page. Reputation is important in any aspect of a business and that includes Social Media.

You can make sure that profanity or words that might spark political debate on your page don't show up. E.WM Digital Services uses a detailed profanity file which includes derivatives that make use of numbers instead of letters to express profanity - like spelling the derivative of the word donkey like this: A55. Type in the words you do not want to appear in comments on your page and then click save.

PROFANITY FILTER: I set this to strong to give yourself the best chance of avoiding foul language from appearing on your page when people comment.

SIMILAR PAGE SUGGESTIONS: You definitely want to allow Facebook to recommend your page to others. This is a free bit of exposure from Facebook so it is worth taking advantage of.

PAGE UPDATES: When you start planning and scheduling posts on your Facebook Page, the last thing you want is to see that Facebook automatically posted that you changed your website or phone number. If you want to share that new information, you’ll want to do it manually in a post. Uncheck the box so that posts will not be automatically published when you make a simple change.

POST IN MULTIPLE LANGUAGES: Unless you're moving into international business or targeting folks of many languages (and you speak multiple languages), this setting can be left off. You can leave it on if you have others writing posts on your page in multiple languages.

TRANSLATE AUTOMATICALLY: Translate Automatically can be left "on" so Facebook can feed your information to potential clients in their native tongue.

COMMENT RANKING: This setting can be left as is – Facebook will display comments on your page in chronological order.

CONTENT DISTRIBUTION: Content Distribution gives you the ability to disallow people from downloading your videos from Facebook. If that matters to you, click the box to “Prohibit Downloading to Facebook.” Note that this section, “Settings,” is also where you can download everything you’ve posted to the page and where you can delete your page altogether.