Five Tips To Avoid Awful Images On Your Facebook Page

22 Jun 2020

Photographs are valuable for a Facebook Business Page because they depict the work you do - and the work you want to do.

Social media is an environment that relies heavily on visual content.

Photographs are valuable for a Facebook Business Page because they depict the work you do – and the work you want to do.

Later on, you’ll find a collection of work photos will come in handy as you build up a stock of content to post on social media.

With my Ed’s Handyman Service page in mind, I’m snapping pictures of products I uncrate and assemble just being a homeowner – like the nice new smoker I got for my birthday! As you look to build up a stock of real-life work photos to use in your social media promotion, keep these pointers in mind:


It’s easy to get caught up in a project and completely forget to take photos. That’s why it’s important to remind yourself. Set an alarm on your smart phone so you catch yourself at a good early time in the project. Having a beginning and end photo gives you a “before and after” highlight.


Pictures are clear and visible on your Facebook and other Social Media pages, so check the background before you capture an image. Make sure there isn’t any personal information visible or anything else that’s unsightly so you don’t spoil the opportunity.


You can always delete photos from your phone, so don’t hesitate to snap several shots of a scene or a project so you have the best to choose from.


Landscape images are the wide ones – turn your phone sideways and snap the photo horizontally instead of taking the shot with the phone upright as if you were using it to talk.

Landscape images give you a widescreen view and they come in handy when you start looking at ways to make videos to promote your business.

You can use vertical images, too, so don’t do away with them. They are best for Facebook “Stories,” another feature of the Social Media platform.


If you’re not familiar with your smart phone, start practicing. There may be times when you have to be quiet, so you won’t want the phone to make that fake sound of a camera taking a photo.

Or, you may want to avoid your flash going off – so you want to know if it’s on auto or if it’s turned off. Get familiar with the controls of your phone so getting images won’t impact your work.

Depending on what type of work you do, these photos can mean a lot when you’re trying to get more business.

Your goal will be for people to find your page when they’re searching online, and it will be helpful if they see a picture of a completed project they’re looking to start on your page.

Determine what you want to say – make sure it promotes confidence in your work – and then paste your text into the Create Post box. You can add photos by clicking the Photo/video button.

This will prompt your computer to open your files to get photos. Once complete, hit the Post button and you’ve completed another important task in managing your Facebook Business Page.

Since it’s important to avoid constantly promoting sales and your business, keep your eyes open for other photograph opportunities.

These are shots worth posting because they are interesting, funny or otherwise have some kind of entertainment value. You’ll find these helpful to keep your Facebook Page active and to show that you’re not just a business, but a person, too.

Ideas for “other” photos include interesting vehicles you see when you’re stopping for coffee on the way to the job site, gorgeous views of a stunning sunrise or a picturesque field full of dairy cows that captured your attention on the way home.