Get Found In Google Search

7 Oct 2020

Get Your Business Discovered On Google Search And Maps With Google My Business

People haven’t really caught on yet or every small business would have a Google My Business listing.

The Google My Business program is a valuable asset for making sure customers can find a business.

Added to a website and a social media presence, a Google My Business (GMB) profile puts local businesses in front of consumers who search for specific products and services.

Participating firms will be found both on Google Maps and on Google Search Results.

It works geographically – so when people situated in a specific area search for a specific product or service – they see local companies in their search results.

It isn’t simply a listing like the ones you get from Bing and Yelp – you fill them out and then get barraged with emails encouraging you to pay for advertising.

The Google My Business listing provides space for fresh information and updates on your business. You are always welcomed to participate in Google Advertising – but it isn’t required. With the Google My Business App, you can get a reminder every week when your post is about to expire.


There’s no question people search on Google and Google Maps for products and services. Sources say Google fields more than 3.5 billion searches every day.

Some businesses can afford Google Advertising – and spend as much as $50 or more for a single click to their website.

For smaller businesses, that’s just too much. But that doesn’t mean they can’t compete. An active, well-maintained Google My Business listing can do wonders for a small business.


The first step in creating a Google My Business listing is establishing a Google Account, which is free. You have two choices as a business – either you serve customers in a specific geographic region, or you welcome customers into a storefront.

Be sure to get this right, or your listing can be stalled. If you don’t have a physical address people visit, make sure that’s clear by checking the “I deliver goods and services to my customers.”

Once all your information is filled in, make sure you review all the information you entered so it’s clear – changes and corrections move slowly in the days of COVID-19.

The business has to be verified before it begins showing up on Google search results and in Google Maps. You can select the “mail” option for verification.

Google will send a post card to the address you provided – you must provide a business address, but it does not get listed unless you are a storefront.

This can take a couple of weeks. Once your postcard arrives, simply go to the Google My business site and follow the steps to verify it.

This entails entering a simple number or code that’s on the postcard. Now, your Google My Business Listing is yours and ready to display for customers searching for products and services in your area.