Get Valuable Business Intel From Google Trends

7 Dec 2020

Learn what time of year people search for your services most frequently and you can capture more attention at the right time.

Small business owners are often too busy to look ahead six months or a year to learn when times will get busy.

But those who are prepared for the busy times can plan ahead and capture the business they want to secure by taking advantage of Google Trends data.

A search for “Home repair” as a topic depicts major growth in search traffic from December of 2019 to December of 2020 – evidence many people were focused on their homes, where the Global Covid-19 pandemic forced many to stay.

Topics don’t have to be super-general, either. You can pinpoint specific subjects and learn when the best time to advertise might be if you provide a service.

Take the case of a plumber, for example. Is there a time of year when you can expect the greatest number of searches for your services?

Over the past five years in New York State, there were several spikes in searches for “water heater replacement” during the months of May and June.

Getting ads and outreach out by April would help a plumbing service company get that call when the water heaters start leaking. But what about other services – how do they compare with Water Heater replacement?

One of the great features of Google Trends is the ability to compare different searches during the same time frame. As it turns out, there were more searches for faucet replacement – and the trends are similar in terms of time frames.

Google Trends is one of several free tools made available by the search engine giant.

If you’re looking to plan some promotion and get it into the news feeds of potential customers, visit Google Trends and start exploring!