Highlight Services On Your Facebook Page

6 May 2020

Put the most important elements of your business front and center

When you started putting your Facebook Page together, Facebook automatically chose a template which situates different parts of the page in different places.

You'll want to review how this worked out and you may want to make changes to make sure guests view precisely what YOU want them to see when they go to your Facebook Page.

This can be accomplished from the Templates and Tabs section of Settings. Click Settings in the white bar near the top of your page, to the left of Help.


This setting configures your page so that guests who visit the page will see the most important things first. For my Handyman Service Facebook Page example, Facebook automatically chose a service template.

This means that visitors will see Services, Reviews, Shop, Offers, Photos, Videos, Posts, Events, About and Community – in that order.

You can re-order these tabs in any way you believe best fits your business goals. Service businesses such as musicians or electricians may have different preferences in terms of what guests should see first.

If you’re just starting out, you can move “Reviews” down to the bottom because you won’t have any reviews yet. You’re likely going to want to promote your new page and your business once it is up and running, in which case you can move posts up to the top so that guests will see a post first.

It’s also possible you may want to place your services up on top – as is default for Facebook’s services template.

Add some details in the services section enables you to highlight your preferred work.

Click the Settings button to the right of Services and make sure “Show services tab” is on.


“Showcase Your Services” is a valuable feature for your small business Facebook Page.

Before clicking the “Add a Service” button, you’ll want to think about three primary specialties your business features.

These can be the jobs you’re most known for, the tasks that are most valuable to your business plan or those which you believe are the most popular and will likely draw the attention of your customers.

When you select Add a Service, a dialogue box will appear. You are limited to 40 characters for the name of the service. Keep this title as short as possible to ensure that it appears in full when people view your page on a mobile device.

Then add a description of the service – give the potential customer a good reason why they want you to take care of the work. You have pricing options available to display for the service - Fixed Price, Starting At, Variable Price, Ask for Price, No Price, Free and Custom.

You can set the length of time the service would require and block extra time after an appointment which simplifies appointments when you use the Booking feature available for your Facebook Page.

Be sure the “Show Service” button is selected (it will turn blue when it is on). Now you can add an image to the Service. Doing so will increase its visibility so the Service stands out on your page.

Remember when you select an image that the view is square, so the photo will be cropped automatically.

In my example, I’ve established a Lawn Mowing Service with a price starting at $30. I added a description as follows: “Take care of your lawn from your front porch! I'll swing by and cut the grass. I mulch the clippings to feed the lawn. Bagging the clippings is extra. Price depends on the size of the lawn and the topography. Weed trimming also available.”

Once you save it, you’ll see your service on the page, and so will visitors.

Typically, three individual services will be visible from the home page of your Facebook Page.

As you work on your Facebook Page, you’ll notice prompts in blue boxes from Facebook with suggestions and pointers. If you want to view your page as it would look to visitors, you are required to publish the page.

You can publish and unpublish your page at will anyways, so to take a look at your services page as it would look to visitors, click Publish Page on top.

Now, click the three dots beneath your cover photo to the right of the boxes Like Follow Share – and select “View as Page Visitor.”

This is a useful feature that will help you gauge how your page will look as you develop it.