How To Create Your Own Facebook Page

1 May 2020

Take an important step to promote your business by creating a Facebook Page.

Creating a Facebook Page is a small project that can provide big rewards.

Here is a step-by-step guide to creating yours. I’ll create a Facebook Page for a hypothetical Handyman business – this is a good example for those in service fields such as electricians, plumbers and music instructors.

First, make sure you have a personal Facebook profile. Go to and follow the steps.

You will need an e-mail address to establish your personal Facebook profile. Your personal Facebook profile is not affected by your new Facebook Page.

The two are separate and distinct, so don't be concerned about the two mingling. From your Facebook profile, click on the word “Create” within the blue bar on the top of the page.

You should see “Page” as the first choice, select it. Now, select Business or Brand, this is the most appropriate option for a small business. Hit “Get Started.”

Next, you’ll be prompted to fill in your business details. If your small business does not have a physical location people will visit, be sure to click the checkbox so that your address is not displayed. You’ll need to identify the type of business your page represents.

There are many options. Start typing a description in the box and several choices will appear in the drop down menu. For my handyman business, I’m choosing “Home Improvement.”

If you want to review the different categories available, visit the article Facebook Business Categories on this Blog.

There are a variety of categories that appear in the drop down menu, including plumbing service, water treatment service, electrician, home decor, computer repair service, graphic designer and more.

Once this step is complete, Facebook will prompt you to add a profile picture and a cover photo for your page.

You can skip the photo step for now and go back to it later as you refine the look of your page. After the profile and cover image prompts, you’ll be asked if you want make use of Facebook’s online booking feature.

This system allows individuals to schedule a time – you can skip this for now unless you already know precisely when you are taking appointments.

At this point, the general framework of your page is complete and Facebook will prompt you to start getting “likes” for your page. You can skip this for now while you add other important elements to your small business Facebook Page.

Follow along in subsequent articles to complete your Facebook Page and get it ready to increase your customers.