Posting Eye-Catching Links On A Facebook Page

2 June 2020

Provide some value to people who agreed to hit the "like" button and follow your page.

You won’t always have a fresh photo of something interesting or something to say every time you want to post on your Facebook Page.

But you have to post. It’s important to add content to your page for several reasons. For one, you want to keep your company’s name on the minds of individuals who may need your services or who may refer their friends to you.

Another reason to keep fresh content on your Facebook Page is to provide some value to people who agreed to hit the “like” button and follow your page. There are other benefits, too.

A dormant Facebook Page won’t even show up in a Google search. But an active page with several recommendations on it will show up on Google search.

And that’s the goal. You want your small business to be the one people find and call. My example for a simple post entailed snapping a photo of a new tool I bought for the handyman business I’m promoting with a Facebook Page.

I wrote up a little snippet of text praising the tool for its help with a job. Describing that job gave me an opportunity to detail the type of work my small business does. I mentioned the place I bought the tool from for the chance of getting a “like” or “follow” from the merchant’s social media accounts.

Every extra like and follow boosts your chance of being discovered online when people search for a service you provide. I didn’t buy a new tool but I need to get some fresh content on my page, so I’m going to post a link.

Posting links is a handy way of providing meaningful content to your followers while not irritating people so much that they unlike your page.


Since I plan to be visiting homes to replace faucets and ceiling fans, I’ve decided to share a helpful article about how to clean your house during a global pandemic like COVID-19.

I'll use an article from a Do It Yourself website, that doesn't feature too many advertisements and where most of the content appears straightforward. On top of your web browser, you’ll see a long set of words and letters and slashes in what's known as the address bar – that’s what you want to copy.

Just double-click it and it’ll all turn blue, then copy that text exactly as it is. Now, go to your Facebook Page and open up a box to write a post. Then, paste that text into the Facebook box.

You’ll see the post interface change. It will render an image, usually, that’s on the web page you’re sharing.

The article is clear and basic and it provides a good list of the main fixtures you want to concentrate on when you’re doing your cleaning: “… countertops, cookware, doorknobs, sinks, toilets, railings, light switches, remote controls and furniture.” So now that the post view has rendered, you’ll want to add some text.

I’ll post a question for this one: “Can you name five surfaces that people come in contact with most often in a home? This article has a great list in a discussion on cleaning a home during the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

I’m going to copy the text since I’m writing it in a program with a spell checker, then go back to my post in progress and paste the text into the box. Hit the post button and that’s it. Now you’ve shared some content with your followers that isn’t offensive.

It’s helpful and it relates to folks you’d be happy doing work for – those who find it important to keep their place clean. It will also help promote a safer environment for yourself and others who go to the home. A post like this would be especially suitable for a cleaning business, too.

I don’t hesitate to offer people links to content that’s helpful even if it may cost me some work. Telling people how to do things on their own is a great feeling. And often, there are people out there who would simply rather not do it themselves.

They are your customers.