Research Social Media Ideas While You’re Sleeping

12 Aug 2020

In order to gain a real benefit from your social media pages, you have to update them often.

Your pages are an easy way to contact your business and they give consumers a view into your operation.

Frequent updates keep your digital presence current. You want to offer a mix of content and avoid focusing exclusively on your business and sales.

You can share articles published online right on your Facebook page or other social media outlet, so having a list of pertinent articles available to share will help out.

Here are some ways to find quality content to post on social media or ideas for articles you can write for your blog.


There are free and paid versions of websites that gather digital news on specific topics you choose.

Feedly is a web reader you can set to provide a steady column of the latest news and articles on any given subject, for free. You just have to sign up and sign in.

You can look back to articles posted in the past or narrow down your focus to ones published more recently. Paid versions offer features that aim to make your information gathering even easier. Feeds include posts on Twitter, articles from Reddit and more.

There are several web searching tools you can explore to see which one fits for you. Also called “news aggregators,” they include AllTop and The Old Reader.


You can get news and articles sent to your email if that’s where you’d like to catch up on subjects and find material to share.

Google Alerts, a free service, will send you an email when something surfaces online that matches the topic or keywords you’ve set in your alerts. You need a Gmail address to take advantage of this free service.

You can set multiple keywords, terms and phrases and have Google Alerts do your research for you.

The frequency of alerts can be adjusted, too, so you can receive one email, a daily digest, compiling results from of the phrases or words you set in your Google Alerts.


Newsletters sent to your email can be helpful sources of information.

Often, your favorite online magazine or news site provides a newsletter and you’ll get the latest edition sent right to your email.

There are a variety of sources for news and the latest writings, much of which can help keep you on top of what’s happening in your field.

They also provide you with content you can share on your social media channels.

Explore some of these options to find great content for your social media promotion and be sure to bookmark those you'll make use of frequently.