Revealing Indicators Of Your Facebook Page Success

23 Jul 2020

Learn to read Facebook Insights so you can identify goals to grow your Facebook Page.

Small business owners seeking to promote their work and get more customers with a Facebook Page should evaluate their page frequently.

Facebook makes some basic details easy to find by placing new information on your personal Facebook Profile after you’ve created your Facebook Page.

This array of data and other features will appear on the upper right side of your News Feed. This is the easiest detail to find so it’s appropriate for beginners to check out and understand.

There is more information in other places, but these are the basic details that are presented to Facebook Page managers on their personal Facebook profiles.

The information panel is titled Your Page(s) and it has three dots on the upper right hand side – this is a control which, when you click it, gives you the option to collapse the panel altogether.

Remember these details are only displayed for people with the authority to take action on the page. In addition to providing numbers on page activity, this info panel also features links for easy access to create a post or add a photo or to invite people to like your page.

These links are titled Publish, Photo, Live and Invite The links will open up the appropriate interface.

When you click Publish, for example, it will call up the composer so you can write a post. Note that when this happens, Facebook switches from your personal profile view to the Facebook Page view.

The photo button will open up a different panel with choices for images: Upload Photos/Video, Create Photo Album, Create a Photo Carousel, Create Slideshow and Create an Instant Experience.

From your Facebook profile, this info panel will also display basic information in three tabs: Likes, Views and Posts.

These are important indicators about your page: how many people have liked your page, how many times your posts have been viewed, and how many comments and shares your recent posts have received.

Put simply, more of any of these is a good sign your page is drawing activity and attention - fewer is a bad sign.

The number of new likes will be listed below the total number of page likes.

Then, you will see Recent Posts, and a slideshow giving you details on individual posts from your page.

Click the right-facing arrow to slide the posts selector and view details for each individual post. Below that is a final element, the Create Promotion link.

If you click this link, it will open up a Promote panel and an upside-down arrow with links to Manage Promotions and Ads Manager.

Get familiar with these details, they will help guide your activity as you progress.