Seize Your Creative Time And Schedule Your Social Media Posts

9 July 2020

Create and schedule your social media posts when you're feeling creative

Once you establish a Facebook Page to promote your small business, you will realize it’s not easy to come up with something to post.

For me, there are some days when I’m too busy and other days when I don’t even feel like thinking.

That’s why it’s so important to seize those moments when you are creative and you have time and energy to craft social media posts.

Put yourself a set of categories together that make sense for the business you’re in. Posts selling your product or service are important, but if they take up the majority of your page’s content, you are not providing your followers with real value and your page won’t grow as well as it could.

For my Ed’s Handyman Service Facebook Page, I am posting a mix of content that includes announcements of services using video, shared links to articles with homeowner tips and images of my work.

I’m going to add another category, this time with the general goal of helping people feel better. I’ll start posting motivational quotes from famous people. I believe motivational posts are valued universally, especially during periods of social strife.

Now that I have a set of posts for the future, I can do one of two things: I can tell myself I’m going to remember them all, or I can schedule them immediately so they will post on the schedule I choose.

There are many tools available to help, below is a brief outline of a few options for tools that can help you produce social media content to post on schedule like a professional.



Facebook’s scheduler is the most difficult to work with. It’s called Publishing Tools. The tabs on Facebook change from time to time – with no warning – so you’ll have to find out where Publishing Tools is positioned on your page.

It will be up near the controls tabs on the top of your Facebook Page. Navigate to scheduled posts and then click the Create Post button to begin writing your post.

There are several steps involved, unfortunately. But if you don’t want to sign up for another account to schedule your posts, this scheduler still works.


Post Planner is a great scheduling tool, especially for those early on in the process of developing and posting content on social media pages. One great benefit is that it provides a detailed search function to help you find content you can share on your page. The free version is sufficient for a small business owner looking to plan posts for their Facebook business page. Be sure to post well thought-out social media content with an image that will capture attention.


Tweepsmap is another scheduling tool with a free version. It’s geared towards users who have a Twitter account, but the Free version will schedule to Facebook, Twitter and Linked In. Paid versions of this app provide great analytics and mapping of followers, among other advanced tools.

There are several other tools worth trying out to find out which one best suits you. Hootsuite, Buffer and Friends + Me are fantastic schedulers, too.

Just type any of those names into Google and you’ll find them.

Give these scheduling tools a try, you might find you’re able to schedule your meaningful content to post on your Facebook Page and draw customer attention while you’re taking a few days of rest in between scheduling.